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This little girl is lost is a women’s fashion and lifestyle blog covering everything from the latest styles found on the UK high street to the must-have designer looks of the season.  Alongside reviewing the bigger international catwalks and brands, it's my passion to feature up-and-coming designers - especially if they are British! On occasion I also delve into celebrity style, beauty and lifestyle products, as well as giving readers an insight into my personal style and everyday London-based life. 

Launched in April 2012, the blog was designed as a way to share my infatuation with all things fashion related built up over a four year career as a writer and stylist on a number of UK based trade magazines, and now as an online merchandiser for a luxury lingerie retailer. The name if you were wondering is inspired by the feeling we all have sometimes of being a little bit 'lost' in life, or in a new city, or a new job.

If you like the blog please spread the word and help a little girl lost get found! You can find me on Twitter at @girlislostblog on Instagram (again as @girlislostblog) and on Pinterest here.

To email me please use thislittlegirlislostblog@gmail.co.uk - I'm always keen to work with new brands to create exciting content for the blog. Just send over lookbooks, press releases, or any other PR pitches, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Love, Natalie x