Crystal Renn covers Schon!

Crystal Renn covers Schon! magazine this month and is virtually unrecognisable with her newly thin figure squeezed into a gold mirrored leotard.

The clearly Olympics themed shoot sees Renn kissing a gold medal whilst sporting a peroxide blonde pony tail stacked extremely high with bracelets. Though I do love the concept, especially the strip light background, I wish I could see a bit more of of Renn's face in this shot. Her cat eye make up looks fierce and I would have liked a close up of that red lippy. A 'stronger' face might have given it that bit of 'umph' that its missing.

However not everyone has been won over and Renn is getting plenty of abuse on the original daily mail article, which can be read here. The criticism is mostly on her weight loss with PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones going so far as to say she felt betrayed by Renn, the former 'poster girl' of plus size fashion.

What do you think of the cover? Do you love Renn's new look or feel let down?

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