Dip Dye Dilemma

Having recently developed a fixation with all things pastel I decided to extend this fascination from my wardrobe to my hair this weekend.

And so it came about that my previously blonde dip dye was turned a summery lilac shade with the help of a violet coloured home dye kit and a hell of a lot of conditioner.

Going DIY not only required a lot of confidence it also needed alot of research and hours spent scouring the web for the perfect shade and tips on how to achieve it as there was no way i could afford to get it done at a salon.

Having become a dip dye expert i was shocked when a close friend emailed me this image today with the subject title "next time?"

My first reaction to Made In Chelsea's Gabriella Ellis rainbow dip dye was instant rejection. Which hairdresser committed this atrocity! It hurts my eyes and (sorry Gabriella) I'm just not sure you are "funky" enough to pull off this look.

But then i started to think, am I really that far off? In other words am I just one step too far away from a rainbow dip dye?

What do you think to Gabriella's hair? Gorgeous or Garish?

You can see the pictures and original article here on the Daily Mail website.

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