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Hello there. This is my first ever post for This Little Girl Is Lost and I'd like to use it as an opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about the content you can expect to find here.

This Little Girl Is Lost is a women’s fashion blog covering everything from the styles found on the UK high street to up and coming designers and the latest catwalk trends. The blog will also delve into one of my main passions - vintage fashion - as well as giving readers an insight into the ‘must attend’ events and fashion shows in both the UK and abroad that i am lucky enough to get an invite to. To a lesser extend the blog will also deal with celebrity fashion, magazine covers and editorials, the red carpet, street style, beauty trends, technology related to the industry and lifestyle issues such as new exhibitions and cool places to visit.
Launched in April 2012 the blog is designed as a way to share my infatuation with all things fashion, built up over a (so far) three year career as a fashion writer working on a number of trade titles.

The name, if you were wondering, is inspired by my soon to be imminent move to the big smoke - London -and feeling a little bit 'lost' to be honest.

If you like this blog please spread the word and help a little girl lost get found!

You can find me on twitter at @girlislostblog or email at thislittlegirlislost​blog@gmail.com

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