Spot the difference #4

It's my last spot the difference post today and this time I'm taking a look at one of my favourite young designers - Holly Fulton.

And if you too want your own slice of Holly Fulton's Tribal aesthetic this season there is no better place to look than Karen Millen.

Now I am in no way saying Karen Millen has copied Fulton's vibe this season - the brand has always included a safari trend each summer and animal print is a big staple for their customers - but the similarities are striking. Both are carrying round neck print dresses, zesty yellow dresses with lots of bead work, zebra print accessories and a racy selection of swimwear.

Not only is this a great trend to buy into for now it is also a recurring one each summer - so if you choose your investment pieces wisely you can wear them again and again.

Spot the difference #4

Having been a loyal Karen Millen employee many years ago i know that my khaki pencil skirt, silk safari dress and taupe beaded dress will all be coming out of the wardrobe at one point this summer. Below is a selection of my key pieces you should invest in now.

Left to right: Zebra swimsuit, £65, Giraffe print Dress, £140, Limited edition modern Tribal Dress, £295, Dress, £160, Zebra tote bag, £185. All from Karen Millen.

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