Fierce and Fabulous

Fierce jewellery is having a moment, from spikes and skulls through to ear plugs and ear cuffs.

I am totally on board with this trend as in my eyes more is definitely more when it comes to jewellery!

Earlier this week, when I wore an antiqued gold arrowhead necklace from Topshop to trade show Scoop International I have never been complimented so much on a piece of jewellery before.

And, the weekend before in Paris, I had the French transfixed with my snake ear cuff, to the point where I was sure at any given moment someone might yank it out of my ear!

I am now scouring the web for similar finds, and I thought it only fair I share my favourites with you below...

1. Necklace, £50, ASOS
2. Earrings, £245, Eddie Borgo
3. Ear Cuff, £33, Anni Jurgenson
4. Ear Cuff, £11, Rock n Rose
5. Earrings, £195, Ashley Pittman
6. Ring, £395, Pamela Love
7. Necklace, £18, Pieces
8.Earrings, £7.50 Topshop,
9. Bracelet, £160, Alexander McQueen
10. Necklace, £30, Topshop

Top tips: For truly unique, one off pieces, head to Etsy or Ebay. My personal favourite destination for a good Ebay splurge: Hong Kong.

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