Pay Day Treat: Liberty Suitcases

How adorable are these miniature printed suitcases from Liberty, London?

Available in four stunning designs the vintage-style cases all feature genuine Liberty prints including the pink 'Hera', multicoloured 'Lante', green 'Lodden' and purple 'Thorpe Print' floral. Styles are finished with top clip-lock fastenings, wood panel detail, polished silver-tone hardware and printed paper interior linings.

At £65 these mini cases are a pay day steal and whilst they might not be large enough to take you to Timbuktu just think of all the memories from holidays you can store in them, like photographs and those ticket stubs you don't know why you still have..

Hera print

Lante Print

Lodden print

Thorpe print

Just click here to get yours. Happy Shopping. X

PS. This month's choice of payday treat is especially relevant to me as I am having a week off work to go home and spent time with family and friends. Over the course of the week I will be scheduling posts but most of the time I will be out of touch with the world. So until then it's bon vogage from TLGIL.

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