Totes jel of my Chanel?

Check out these London Fashion Week slogan tees by designer Simeon Farrar.
With six to choose from slogans include: ‘tom ford is my homeboy’ ‘you had me at Prada’ ‘Louboutins and Vans baby’ ‘totes jel of my Chanel’ ‘Dior is Dope’ and ‘Gucci Got Game’.
Pixie Lott, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Leigh Lezak and VV Brown have all been spotted with the cult tees during LFW where Simeon Farrar and team took to Somerset House to hand them out.

Vests come in black and white options and retail at £35. Now selling online at Black Score, just click here to get yours.

I can see these working perfectly with jeans, a blazer and heels but I'm currently torn between 'tom ford is my homeboy' and 'you had me at Prada'. Which one is your favourite?

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