EC One gets Lyrical

This November, inspiring independent EC One celebrates 15 successful years as the place to go for unique jewellery.

To mark the event a new limited edition collection, 'Lyrical', has been created combining the founding partner's love of music with the skill of the in-house workshop. 

The collection features five witty necklace designs in beautifully carved silver lettering from some of the best songs ever written, hanging from eye-popping coloured chains.

Feeling Romantic? - how about buying 'Be My Baby' or 'Stand By Me' for the one you love this Christmas.

Your other options include 'Firestarter' for a bit of 90's nostalgia, 'Stayin Alive' for the disco diva's and my personal favourite - 'London Calling'.

Styles will be available from EC One's two London based Boutiques in Exmouth Market and Notting Hill.


  1. they're so cute! they should do requests in true DJ style, I'd like to pic my favourite song and have it made into a necklace

    Sophie x

  2. Hello Lafashionfolie,

    We are alternative DJ's and love a good request, no matter how cheesy the song is! Do you have a lyric in mind, we would love to know your thoughts.

    love team

    EC One

  3. I want the London Calling one in lime green :)

    Tabara x