This Little Girl Loves: Age Of Reason

As I continue my quest for the perfect scarf I thought I'd revist one of my favourite brands, Age Of Reason.

Inspired by Brit punk heritage, the streets of London and her own upbringing in Africa designer Ali Taylor Mapletoft has another winner on her hands for A/W 12.
Luxury with a playful twist is the name of the game here and designs range from punked out owls to magic mushrooms, a roller skate revival and mask motifs inspired by Mexican Luca Loco, who each have their own unique fighting mask design. Cheeky charms and wrestler dolls adorn the borders, available as eagle, panda, or tiger marks in deep berry, navy and pink.

In addition the brand's highly collectible Bondage Doll scarves enter their 3rd season and turn to the dark side with midnight blacks, deep reds, hot pinks and rich golds.

Biography: Raised in volatile Lesotho, Africa, during the eighties, Ali Taylor Mapletoft first touched base in the UK at the age of 16.  Age of Reason was born, partly, to feed Ali’s own obsession with silk scarves. Ali took classic designs and made them unique by indulging in a twist, hidden motif, or secret image. A staunch believer in creating and manufacturing in the UK Age of Reason is a fully British brand and you can see more from the brand online here.

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  1. Huh. These are pretty awesome. They are a little Hermes-ish... I'm really loving the I will Never Surrender and Victory Pocket ones. I will have to check these out!