Ye Olde Worlde Tea with Antoni & Alison

Last night I was invited along to opening of Antoni & Alison's Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern Tea Rooms, launched to celebrate the design duo's 25 year anniversary in business.

The Tea Rooms are located at 43 Rosebery Avenue, an elegant Victorian two storey building which stocks a selection of dresses, knitwear and accessories such as scarves and purses downstairs.

I went along to the event with friend and fellow blogger Sophie from La Fashion Folie, where we drank tea and ate Victoria sponge cake served to us by no other than Alison herself. The beautiful china was worth going for in itself as you can see by the images below and the surroundings, though simple, are very charming.

Cake and Tea for two at Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern Tearoom

Housed in the design duo's old work space where they claim to have had some of their best ideas the concept behind the tea-room is simple: Antoni & Alison want to share with you this previously unseen 'think tank' and hopes it provides you with the same level of inspiration it did for them over a 'new' cup of tea.

The 'No Choice' Menu

There is no wi-fi or mod cons available, instead visitors will be invited to use the old fashioned note pads and pens to jot down their thoughts and actually (wait for it) converse with each other without the distraction of modern technology. What a novel idea!

The downstairs shop floor

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Downstairs we were treated to champagne and more cake, as guests were invited to watch videos from Antoni & Alison's past collections playing on the wall.
Though the main store will be open all week, the Tea Rooms will be open for service between Thursday and Saturday. I'd highly recommend it as a place to go for a cuppa whilst you gather your thoughts, even if its not served to you by Alison, the master brewer herself.

Outside the shop

Beautiful Dresses

Purses, postcards and notepads for sale.

Sophie from la Fashion Folie

me enjoying my tea

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