Getting Fashionably Older

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Birthday and though I didn't celebrate in style with a party (too much work, too little time) I did take the time to look back over the past year, especially the past few moths since moving to London, to consider just what a lucky girl I am.

I've had a great year, with fantastic experiences and I've met some lovely friends along the way. Whilst I've managed to capture most of it on film (see below) I still feel as if a lot has slipped me by.

With that said I plan to take more photo's next year and pledge that Instagram will continue be a major part of that. I can't wait to take a look back again next year at all the memories I've stored up from 25 onwards...

Received: one beautiful birthday present
Enjoying the exhibitions at Somerset House

But skating isn't for me...

I heart beautiful sunny days

and huge first of December Christmas trees
But small ones are great too when decorated with love
making my own mulled wine
relaxing with a brew at Antoni & Alisons tea room
attending a beautiful baby shower - not my own I'll add
baking ghostly cupcakes for Halloween
Putting on bling to see the crown jewels
then putting on my PJ's for a magazine reading catch up!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful gift. Hope you had an amazing day.