Friday Fashion Round Up: Cannes Fabs and Fails

Wow the fashion at the Cannes Film Festival has been amazing this year right? I've loved nearly every outfit, and regular readers will know that's just not like me at all. I'm reviving my Friday Fashion round up post this week as I just couldn't resist sharing my favourite looks with you!

For now I'm going to avoid Roberto Cavalli's yacht party and all the photo calls and just focus on the red carpet and premieres - as that's where the real magic happens.

First up my favourite look from the whole festival so far is Jessica Biel wearing a Marchesa feathered dress with a Bulgari serpent necklace and beaded clutch. I can't really tell you why I like it so much - I guess its because I wasn't really expecting anything major from her and then she comes out and she's like yeah I'm wearing feathers and a snake. Kapow! I'm also girl crushing BIG TIME on Solange Knowles in this St├ęphane Rolland Couture nude gown. Anyone who can carry off a cape is worthy of adoration in my book. 

I may also have fallen back in love with Cannes 2013 jury member Nicole Kidman. The actress first impressed at The Great Gatsby premiere in the holy grail of Dior Couture, this strapless confection from S/S 13 worn with pink heels. J'adore. 

Then last night she goes and wears a Valentino Spring 2013 Couture off-white gown to the premiere of Nebraska. Fashion Fact: This is gown was supposed to be worn to Oscars by Anne Hathaway before the last minute change. Bitch Alert: Now I've seen it on I'm so glad it went to Kidman. 

In fact her only low point of the week so far was the L'Wren Scott dress. I don't even mind the dress that much, its the 'a strong gust of wind couldn't disturb my hair' which is putting me off giving the full thumbs up. A whole can of Elnet died for that bouffant. R.I.P. 

Coming in a strong third is Carey Mulligan. Wearing a Dior Couture blush pink dress and Tiffany & Co. jewellery, she looked like the belle of the ball for The Great Gatsby premiere. I particularly liked this as I felt I hadn't seen this look from her before - a sticking point I'll address later with Jennifer Lawrence. The second ensemble, a Vionnet A/W '13 monochrome dress with keyhole detailing, for the Inside Llewyn Davis premiere let her down though. It looked too big and I'm not a fan of this whole sad sack look on the red carpet. You're at Cannes love, kick it up a notch why don't you!

Here's a lady that's learnt the hard way what suits her and after several fails and sack-like outfits *cough Calvin Klein cough* has finally mastered the art of dressing for an event. I was willing Jessica Chastain to BRING IT to Cannes through the power of telekinesis and I think it worked. The actress wore a white Versace dress for the Cleopatra anniversary screening with a Bulgari diamond and sapphire necklace once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. For the 'All Is Lost' premiere she let her royal purple custom-made Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci gown do the talking. It's Friday, I'm in love.

As previously mentioned whilst I do think Jennifer Lawrence always gives good red carpet, I'm beginning to get a little bit bored of her Dior-a-thon. I expect I will get struck down by the fashion gods for saying that but I feel like I've seen this a million times before from her. It's simple but elegant, it has some elaborate peplum / panel / side-thingy, its black, it's white, it's Dior. I know she's the face of the brand this season but there's also a little thing called variety - as you may have heard it's the spice of life. Wake me up when Catching Fire comes out.

We're getting into 'fashion fails' territory now with Mila Jovovich. Love the first Couture Chanel dress. The second embellished Prada dress isn't bad either even if the black and navy combination is beginning to grate by now. But the Third Armani dress IS EATING HER ALIVE. I feel like there should be an instruction manual that is sold with this dress called 'Having too much train and knowing what to do with it: the smart girls guide to making a two person tent'. Whoosh- that's the sound she makes as all that swishing and friction makes her go up in flames.

At least this answers ours and Jennifer Lawrence's question "Where did all the good Dior go?" Marion Cotillard's smug smile says "Off the runway (This dress was shown in Monaco just two days before) and straight on to my back. Because I'm French, you feel me?"

Lastly I couldn't help but mention my worst dressed from Cannes. The honours so far go to Eva Longoria in an Atelier Versace A/W '12 mint green gown and Heidi Kum in Versace A/W 12. 

Whilst I appreciate her attempt not to wear black for once Longoria has miss fired for me in this dress which offers very little in the way of shape or any redeeming features for that matter. Basically its a hot mess. Also, can we just address her face for a second. I feel it's having issues of its own up there. Did someone got overzealous with the fillers? botox? What is going on? 

Heidi Klum is just busy being her usual Heidi Klum self. Nothing irritating about that apart from I've seen her wearing a similar dress a million times now. The only difference here is the overzealous use of swarovski crystals making the whole thing look rather tacky. 

As always let me know if you agree with me and if I've missed your best or worst looks in this post, never fear, a second round-up from Cannes 2013 will be coming along shortly.

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  1. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this. So many gorgeous gowns. loving them!