I can't believe its Primark...

Before I start this post I want to make it clear that I have shopped, and do still shop in Primark on a semi-regular basis. I am no label snob! That being said its mostly for basics (tights are my main buy) along with shoes as they are the only brand on the high street who do a small enough size three. It's not often I'll venture into Primark and buy clothes though, and its very rare that I'll go with the mind to buy a whole new outfit.

All that is about to change though for Autumn / Winter 2013 as Primark has just released their campaign imagery for the new season alongside a few product shots of key on-trend pieces and its looking good. Very good.

Let me break my shopping list down for you: I'll be buying Primark’s black duffle coat as a classic investment piece. I threw my old black winter jacket away last season and this is crying out to fill the gap. Its smart enough for everyday but with a touch of old school appeal. Another great wardrobe staple is the black pleated skirt pictured to the left. Although I suspect this particular style will be too long on me its a great 'stealth piece'. No one will realise from Primark, and you don't need to tell them if they can't figure it out...

I enjoy a PU sleeve as much as the next girl and this coat (right) will be coming with me to work to keep me looking sharp. The pink coat (left) is purely for pleasure - it doesn't need to be practical. The new pink tones for autumn are very feminine and should be balanced with structured bags and slim fits. I'll be wearing mine with patterned and / or jacquard trousers. 

I think this tartan Peter Pan dress (right) is a great way to channel the Punk / Grunge trend that's sure to pop up come Autumn with the arrival of the "Club To Catwalk" exhibition at the V&A. I'll be wearing mine with my favourite chunky black cut-out boots from Topshop and the aforementioned 50 denier tights. For the brave amongst you the lacquered pencil skirt and matching crop top - paired with a faux leopard coat no less - will provide a sexy evening look.

What do you think of Primark's new collection? Will you be rushing into stores to buy anything from Autumn / Winter 2013? 

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  1. Those are beautiful! Of course no one will know what you are wearing unless you tell!