Eucalyptus Autumn Winter Collection

Maintaining its signature British feel and classic vintage aesthetic the Autumn / Winter 2013 collection from Eucalyptus is also channelling a very romantic vibe this season. Inspired by forests and wintry woods, four trend stories 'Winter Floral Garden' 'Autumn Forest' 'Working Art' and 'Courted at The Party' make up the very feminine range of pretty day and evening dresses.

I don't want to harp on about my love of Autumn anymore but the 'Autumn Forest' range is getting me just as excited as MiH Jeans did last week. I crave warm colours come September and Eucalyptus delivers with burnt orange, jade, burgundy and navy tones galore across day dresses, long sleeve blouses and one particularly cosy looking coat.

The 'Winter Floral Garden' range also has me surprisingly hooked. Not a huge fan of floral's at the best of times I think I prefer this take as its not your typical 'ditsy' print. My favourite is the Thea range; an 18th century-esque, baroque floral print found on a flared skirt and a dress.

If party glamour is what you are after Eucalyptus also has you covered. This is very girly range so perhaps not for everyone but the pleated, lace and fine cut-out details certainly have an authentic vintage feel to them. Wine, rose, black and electric blue are the colours to watch out for along with neckline embellishment and sash details.

The 'Working Art' range meanwhile is a work-friendly alternative, full of art-deco and geometric prints with peter pan collars, ruched sleeves and pleating details to break up the symmetry. The Carmen dress (top left) is looking particularly good though I'd probably style mine differently with some chunky ankle boots.

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To see more from Eucalyptus and their sister brand, Friday On My mind, check out their online store here.

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