Friday Treat Time: Shimla Jewellery's Charm Offensive

Shimla Jewellery - the brand famous for its beaded crystal and hematite jewellery loved by the A list - has launched a new line of spiritually inspired luxury charm bracelets for Autumn. These semi precious, hand made styles are all adorned with charms, some of which are said to ward off bad luck like the Hamsa or the “Hand of Fatima,” a palm-shaped amulet recognised as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history. The Om symbol - a sacred mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin - also features, alongside stone set wing and eye designs in beautiful agate and howlite.

My favourite piece - and the object of my desires this Friday treat time - is the Hand Of Fatima style in turquoise as seen below. It's a fantastic injection of colour for these final days of summer and will compliment my already extensive collection of turquoise pieces bought on holidays to Greece.

Stockists: 0208 438 4913

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