Happy Glamping

I spent last weekend glamping in Bedford in a friends back garden for her birthday. It was a bit of a random experience and I wanted to share some photos of it to spread my new found love!

We got our tent, or Alachigh to give it its proper name, from the great guys here, who came and erected and dismantled the whole thing in a matter of hours. It was an absolute bargain as they decorated the inside with throw rugs, bed rolls, scatter cushions and bunting and all we payed extra for was a £10 tea light chandelier (bottom picture) which looked lovely once the sun went down.

The whole weekend involved a whole lot of birthday cake, long walks in the rain, cups of tea and the odd playing card based drinking game. Fortunately it also stopped raining for a few hours giving us the perfect excuse to barbecue!

The glamour of glamping has certainly converted me from a previously unhappy camper and I would love to repeat the experience all over again at a festival this summer. There's only one problem - now I have experienced the luxury of the Alachigh I could never go back to a two man tent.  

It also got me thinking about the perfect festival fashion - so watch this space for trend ideas coming soon!

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