Elle Cover Controversy

This weekend I went on a short but sweet trip back to my home town for my mum's birthday. Since I don't drive its three hours both ways on the train and on the journey I managed to chill out and catch up on all the magazines I had missed out on reading during the past hectic month including ASOS, Marie Claire, Company and Elle. 

I get the subscribers edition of Elle so I was pleased to see the lovely white and black shot of Emily Blunt on the cover. However an hour and a half later, I must admit to being a bit disappointed - though this may have been something to do with it being "the beauty issue" which isn't a favourite of mine - rather than the quality of the editorial. 

That said I was hoping for big things from the June issue so when I got in and checked my mailbox and saw Kristen Stewart on the cover my heart sank a bit. I'm not a huge fan of hers, having been left unimpressed by her editorials before and the fact she never actually reveals any new information to the interviewer...

Time will tell whether the cover grows on me which sees Kristin in a crop top and skirt ensemble with slicked back hair shot by David Slijper, though its definitely an improvement on newsstand cover which shows Kristin in a somewhat awkward pose complete with faux retro bob. The less said about that outfit as well the better in my opinion!

Do you agree? Do you love or loathe Kristen's June cover? 

The newsstand cover of ELLE UK June 2012 fronted by Kristen Stewart

The subscribers only cover of ELLE UK June 2012 as shot by David Slijper

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