Car Booty

Yesterday I braved a 5am start to go to Halifax's biggest car boot sale and I am so glad I dragged my ass out of bed as I managed to grab a bag full of bargains (see below as photographed with instagram)

I am a strong believer in sourcing from car boots and charity shops as opposed to the endless supply of speciality 'vintage shops' which are often over-priced these days. Not only are you getting great pieces at a reduced rate, the joy of rummaging for hidden gems and haggling brings out my inner wheeler dealer!

Just check out this super cute tea dress, snapped up for £1.50 and originally from Primark. Not vintage I know, but it could be considering cute floral print and midi length. I can't wait to wear this for summer with converse and maybe a trilby to top it off!

I also bought three pairs of clip on earrings - a bargain at 50p each! These 80's and 90's wonders will fit in really well with my existing vintage jewellery collection - though they are slightly more refined than my door knocker earrings stolen from my mum many years ago. 

My final purchase of the day were these beautiful cut glass bottles at £2 for the pair. I think these were most likely perfume bottles in a former life but I will be using them either for decorative purposes on my windowsill or to hold flowers come summer.

Hopefully when I move down to London there will be some equally amazing car boot and vintage sales to go to, potentially with my good friend Ginger Nut Crafts, who scours them for tea cups and plates to make amazing cake stands!

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