Good God It's Deltra Goodrem

Whilst I was searching for June inspiration I stumbled across this cover from the July issue of Australian Vogue at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Whilst it is a striking and summery cover I had to do a double take when I saw the model was none other than Delta Goodrem!

Now I apologise if its just me being ignorant but Delta has definitely not been on my radar (fashion or otherwise) for years now. I had no idea that she was working on The Voice or that her look had changed so dramatically from her Brian McFadden days.

The Australian singer certainly looks different to how I remember wearing a design from Louis Vuitton spring 2012 which is styled with black bow neck tie and gloves for a fresh take on one of this seasons most worn collections.

The new issue hits stores on June 6th and I'm so intrigued to find out more about the new look Deltra I will definitely be hunting down a copy.

What do you think to Deltra's new look?

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