August Inspiration

My August inspiration is all about two words: Geek Chic

I am an absolute geek at heart and I'll proudly wearing my glasses in public, talk about my love of sci-fi and drink from my '"I love spreadsheets" mug - because yes a good Excel spreadsheet really does turn me on.

left: Image from Citizen K Winter 2011/12 and right: Elle Fanning

However I do sometimes wish I was as confident in other areas - especially my personal style. I need to learn that skill alot of people seem to have, the one where they genuinley do not CARE what other people think of them or what they are wearing.

Basically I have the geek - I'm just not quite there with the chic.

That's why for August I want to channel a bit of Elle Fanning's magic, and I want to ooze confidence whilst doing it.

It's very likely I will fail in this task, having no idea how to ooze anything but sheer terror, but here I go anyway...

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