Great British September

Yesterday I posted some instagram snaps from out and about in London, enthusing about my love for the Great British Summer and today (in fact for the whole of September) I want to share with you my love for Great British Design.

Over the next month I hope to post every day about British and English designers - and not just the established labels everyone knows about - but also the new, upcoming labels to watch out for and those so obscure you may never have heard of them before.

Perfectly timed to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week this Friday I'm hoping you will get on board whilst I indulgently post about everything from our quirky street style to pics from the FROW and exclusive interviews with young designers.

Please let me know your opinions over the course of the month, and if you think I've missed out any vital designers, by commenting on posts or tweeting me at @girlislostblog

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