Burberry Campaign Video: Cute Overkill

The Burberry Spring / Summer 2013 ad campaign video has been released, and after a snapshot last month, we finally get to see Romeo Beckham's first modelling job in full!


I couldn't resist posting the video, even though it will probably be everywhere by now, because he's just so god damn cute in it! I was discussing this whilst on a shoot the other day and some people think he has peeked to soon and won't be all that attractive when he's older. I totally disagree - just look at his gene pool - Posh and Becks could not make an ugly human being if they tried.

As for the rest of the video - can I use the word underwhelmed and not get struck down? The amazing metallics that looked so cool on the catwalk may have been a bit lost in translation I feel. Maybe another viewing will change my mind...

1 comment:

  1. Peeked too soon? People are funny, I don't think you can tell that from a kid so young! This is a great video.