launches new social media initiative has become the first European online retailer to integrate social imagery directly into its website with the launch of StylistpickLive.

The concept is simple: StylistpickLive enables customers to share photos of themselves wearing Stylistpick product on a bespoke website gallery featured on the home page. Pictures can be loaded from Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or PCs straight into the StylistpickLive gallery direct from the brand's avid fans. Customers can hashtag images of themselves with #stylistpick directly from their public Instagram or Twitter accounts to include them in the gallery or load directly from the home page.

By enlisting customers as both stylists and models, StylistpickLive is bridging the gap between social and ecommerce, enhancing the style inspiration available to customers who are able to shop the items in the gallery, with a direct link from each image to the relevant product page.


  1. That looks like a great site. I love how social media is making such a huge impact.

  2. you had/are having a great time in Copenhagen! I'm really liking the feel to your blog and I've really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I tried emailing you but your email address was not recognised. Could you let me know what it is. I'd love to discuss a possible partnership opportunity.

  3. Hi please use to get in touch. Thanks!