Friday Treat Time: J Crew Dreamcatcher Necklace

It's Friday and it's payday for most of the UK. In This Little Girl Is Lost's world that can only mean one thing: Friday treat time needs to be bigger and better than ever before.

Behold, new online this week is J.Crew's cubic zirconia and matte crystal 'Dream Catcher' necklace. It's so blindingly beautiful you shouldn't look directly at it unless wearing sunglasses. Set the statement maker against a plain t-shirt or sweater to make it really pop! The necklace is £154 and you can get it from Net A Porter now, just click below. Happy Shopping!



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  2. I left a comment under my company account but thought I'd better delete it lol.

    Love this necklace, it has my name written allover it! I so want a bit of J.Crew jewellery.

    Sophie x

  3. It's a lot like your H&M necklace so of course I thought of you when I was drooling over it!