My holiday-ready manicure with Boutique Spa

After my disastrous midnight packing (if you can laughably call panic throwing half your wardrobe into a suitcase packing) for Copenhagen last month, I promised myself that when I jetted off to Marrakech this week I would be more organised, better prepared and above all things holiday-ready. For me this means looking and feeling my best - and for any girl this invariably involves a trip to the spa. 

Never one to really pamper myself unless the occasion calls for it I decided to stay local and contacted the team at Boutique Spa to see if they could help me out with my plan. After they kindly obliged, I found myself at their Bayswater address today undergoing their Classic Manicure treatment thanks to their talented technicians. 

Upon arrival I was greeted with a seemingly never ending wall of nail varnish which was both heaven and hell - how would I ever choose a colour? Luckily my lovely therapist was on hand to help and was more than happy to pick out the brighter shades when I told her I was going on holiday. We settled on a punchy shade of coral from OPI before I was taken to the manicure stations to take of the dark blue shade which I'd layered on thick (sorry about that) over the past week. 

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Whilst apologizing profusely for the state of my nails, my existing colour was removed before my nails were treated with Dadi’Oil organic nail treatment cream and soaked in warm water. My nails were then given some much needed shape and the cuticles pushed back before another layer of Dadi’Oil - I actually think I could cover my whole body in this stuff its so luxurious - was added. 

During my manicure I sipped on organic green tea and yet another layer of drowsiness came over me when I received a hand and arm massage using the divine smelling bergamot and jasmine hand lotion from ESPA. Needless to say my previously dehydrated and hands felt lovely and soft all day afterwards. 

For the polish I had two layers of coral colour added (I think it was called Bright Lights Big Colour from OPI if you're interested) and as a final flourish I asked for some nail art on two fingers of my left hand just like the technician was wearing - because yes I am a copy cat! Since most of my jewellery is gold we decided on a glittery shade to match with some white from Essie placed in tiny dots. This was sealed with a top coat and yet more oil until my hands felt well and truly pampered. 

I love the final effect and can't wait to flash my nails on holiday! Ps. Though I'll share a full holiday / style diary on my return I'll be active on Instagram in the meantime so please feel free to keep track of me there.  

A huge thank you once again to the team at Boutique Spa for making sure good care of me and my nails, I'll definitely be coming back. x

Boutique Spa is based in Bayswater, London and focuses on nails, beauty and massage treatments. Facilities includes treatment rooms, a pedicure oasis, manicure stations and threading stations, plus a large retail area where you can buy the best spa related products. To find out more about all the treatments available, or to book an appointment online at Boutique Spa visit the website.

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