Trend Alert: Studs

I went shopping today (what's new I know) and everywhere I looked every piece of clothing, plus accessories and shoes were covered in studs!

Prime offenders were Topshop and Zara - where every shirt collar and every neckline was covered in detailing - not to mention the glam gladiator sandals.

I absolutely love this trend and half of my wardrobe is studded up to the max already so I fear for my credit card if this goes on much longer...

I can also see several celebs rocking up in studs at festivals this summer - I'm thinking Rihanna should wear the skirt, crop top and high tops for her set at Wireless this year yes - don't you think that would make an amazing outfit?

Whether its festival ready denim shorts and sandals or uber glam gold studded dresses in the style of Versace, this year the high street has it covered.

So In the words of Sandy "Tell me about it stud!"

1. Sandals, Zara, £39.99
2. Hot Pants, Topshop, £75
3. Top, Miss Selfridge, £32
4. Skirt, River Island, £20
5. Collar, Topshop, £28
6. Mini Clutch, Kurt Geiger, £60
7. Dress, Lipsy, £65
8. Top, 3.1 Philip Lim, £369
9. Bralet, House of Dereon, £45
10. High Tops, Gienchi at ASOS, £210

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